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Mountain Sky Guest Ranch is helping schools in Park and Gallatin Counties with funding to come to West Yellowstone, MT and take part in numerous programs. They provide transportation and lodging costs to schools that would otherwise be too far away.

The schools participate in our programs like the Junior Smokejumper Program and The Naturalist. The school children and the teachers learned about fire, fire ecology, clothing and tools, and did a Parachute Loft to see what it is like under a parachute with the Junior Smokejumper Program. The Naturalist allows children and the teachers to learn about the plants and animals of the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

We have many pictures from the different schools:

Manhattan School: 

Belgrade Middle School 5th Grade:

Belgrade Middle School 5th Grade 2nd Day:

Belgrade Middle School 5th Grade 3rd Day:

Belgrade Middle School 5th Grade 4th Day:

We received a large stack of thank you notes from the Belgrade 5th Graders that we want to share with you:

A message from Sleeping Giant:


I would love to bring another group of students this FALL.

The FALL field trip was WONDERFUL , because the trip set OUR year in science!

The presenters were perfect! My students often refer to the knowledge that they gained on our FALL field trip…. (Such as fire … Goes UP)

David Pettit
Sleeping Giant Middle School

Thank you for viewing and enjoying the pictures. To download the pictures, click on a picture and then right-click to download the picture.

We want to thank all the schools for participating in the Junior Smokejumper and Naturalist Programs!

Thank you!

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