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In Nature Equals or Increases your Well-Being

A walk in the woods to take away your worries and anxieties? Walden was not wrong in wanting to get away, as research continually shows us that people are unconsciously yearning to be in nature. Just looking at this picture, can you not imagine yourself there, listening to the birds chirping, walking in and out of the shade and sun, and feeling the moisture in the air? 

Nature is in the news again, with two new studies:

Yes, studies are coming out all the time now, as urbanization of the world is at 50% and in a couple of decades it will be 70%. How to stay healthy, happy, and fulfilled in an urban environment? Not everyone has the money or time to go to a national park. This is where nonprofits come into play and the people that want to help children get away from the urban environment and into nature.

The Nature Conservatory’s article:  Go to Your Happy Place: Understanding Why Nature Makes Us Feel Better talks about scientist Greg Bratman who is studying and researching not just that Nature makes us feel better, but that which kinds of nature at which lengths of exposure impact which groups of people the most, and for how long. It is an ongoing study that he hopes will help people realize that being in nature is important for their wellbeing. 

Mother Earth News article talks about walking in the woods helps our health. And that walking among trees makes us more relaxed, nicer people. We’ve always thought naturalists and nature people were nice, and now there is proof? Cool! 

The smell of trees have benefits too! They release organic phytoncides which help with your immune system. Children with ADHD who learn in an outdoor environment show a decrease in their symptoms. 

So a walk in the woods or in nature is something that makes you healthy and wise. Since it does not cost anything too, you could say you are healthy, wealthy, and wise.

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