Yellowstone Nature Connection is not alone in our Mission. In fact, there are a lot of great organizations and people committed to help connect you and your family to nature. It really does take a collaborative community to learn about and take advantage of all the great things that this area has to offer.

2015 Lifetime Members/Donors/Sponsors


Westmart of West Yellowstone, MT

Products in kind donors

US Forest Service

Coach-Net: Roadside Assistance for RVers



Business Sponsors

West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce

Lifetime memberships

West Yellowstone Foundation
National Smokejumper Association
Lammers Feed and Seed
Charles Fricke
Lynn Garrison
Fred Rohrbach
Robert Walker
Jan B. McLaren
George A. Weldon
Philip Petty
Robert V. & Kelly B. Williamson
Sheryl Maddux
Richard Will
Perry Majors
Lowell Hanson
Margo Freeman
Rick Hadenfeld
Ryan Weldon
Bekki Grant
Everell Hayes

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Books you can buy online, which are sold in our store, you can get through these links as well. Anything bought through these links means a little bit of the purchase price goes back to our nonprofit.

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Coach-Net: For those needing Roadside Assistance for RVers



Books in the Store:

Last Child in the Woods

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