Retiring DC-3 Gets One More Season


Junior Smokejumpers head out to fight fires.

An article from The Missoulian newspaper: talks about a beloved plane used to fight wildfires. The plane, called Jump-15, flies for the USDA Forest Service Intermountain Region since 1964 and will have its 70th birthday on June 19.

A love for the plane is evident as the smokejumpers and pilots call it The Doug, and tolerate it for its faults. The British pilots state it as “a collection of parts flying in loose formation.” With a large fuel tank, wide door for jumping out of, and tons of room, this plane will be missed by many.

While we do not have a real plane fuselage on our campus, we do have a mock one for children to jump out. Join us May 11th for our opening day and June 19th for the birthday party of The Doug. More information to follow for The Doug’s birthday party at

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