Read Throughout the Summer Break

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Prevent Brain Drain

Prevent Brain Drain

Did you know that during the summer break, most children lose approximately one month of learning? And some children can lose as much as THREE MONTHS? When the children ages five to 15 get back to school, some teachers have to reteach old material to get them caught up.

With Kindergarteners it could be even worse, especially if children are not being read to when they are younger. It is a Catch 22 or the Matthew Effect:

“early success in acquiring reading skills usually leads to later successes in reading as the learner grows, while failing to learn to read before the third or fourth year of schooling may be indicative of lifelong problems in learning new skills.

This is because children who fall behind in reading would read less, increasing the gap between them and their peers.

Later, when students need to “read to learn” (where before they were learning to read), their reading difficulty creates difficulty in most other subjects. In this way they fall further and further behind in school, dropping out at a much higher rate than their peers.”

Or as one child put it: “Reading affects everything you do.”

Studies show that Summer Learning Loss (SLL) is the Major Factor in explaining the achievement gap between middle class and disadvantaged students by the end of their elementary school, more so than income, neighborhood or anything else.

WHAT Can We Do? 

Educators and parents can help children and youth avoid SLL by reading as few as six books over summer break. Doing this they manage to Maintain their reading skills at a level achieved during the preceding year. If the children or youth Pick the books, they are more engaged in reading those books.

How You Can Help! 

Yellowstone Nature Connection starts our Reading in Nature program on June 18th. We will read to Pre-Kindergarteners and their families one story a week. Each family will receive that book for free. Along with the book, they will receive an activity they can do together or on their own. Each child that brings back a completed activity to the next session will receive a small prize. We ask that families sign up a day before the program (Thursdays at 4:30 pm) either by calling 406-646-7557 or sending an email to info @ (take out the spaces).

From now until the program starts on June 18th, if you buy a book through this affiliate link, the money made will go towards buying books for underprivileged children in the Greater Yellowstone Area. This helps us buy the books and activities during the program.

Personally, I Love to Read

But when I was in first or second grade, I had some problems reading. I worked with a woman that specialized in helping readers and learned to love reading. Anyone that knows me would say that my love of reading knows no bounds. That is why we are also offering, free of charge, to those children who need a little extra help with reading to come to Reading in Nature, and stay afterwards to get the help you need.

A Few Good Books to Beat the Summer Learning Loss

All of these books have affiliate links which allows us to keep track of income through different programs.

Older Kids stories coming soon!

I have read quite a few of these high quality books found each one to be entertaining, interesting, and fun. Enjoy!


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