Pacific Heritage Academy from Salt Lake City, UT Visits!

A Salt Lake City School Visits The Country
The Pacific Heritage Academy visits for residential camping to West Yellowstone. These teenagers came from the city, and had never experienced outdoor living. They were in for a shock to their systems no adult could explain.
They started with a our Naturalist Program to learn how to observe nature. They received The Naturalist Fire Notebook: step by step guides on sketching nature. Plus Naturalist Fire Notebook has animal, bird, and plant lists, two maps, tips for hiking in bear and fire country, and room for journaling. They hiked an area burned by the 2016 Maple Fire and saw first-hand how the fire moves through a forest. 
The adults and students stayed at West Yellowstone Economic Development Center’s (WYED) indoor “camping” dormitory for a week of being outside and enjoying nature. As they were from the city, some of them had never seen an elk or bison before, let alone a bear or wolf. Yet here in West Yellowstone, they observed grizzlies and wolves at Grizzly Discovery Center after seeing a bear or two in the park
They visited West Yellowstone Smokejumper Base to meet smokejumpers and tour the facility. They took the Junior Smokejumper Program. Here is where they learned chemistry and physics about movement of fire through a forest. They had fun with the physical fitness aspects of our program, each one trying to outdo the other with pull-ups. And they saw what is was like to be under a parachute. 
They came prepared for learning about fire, fire ecology, clothing and tools, and physicalThey also learned about the scientific method: to question, observe, experiment, create a hypothesis, and present to the group. The Naturalist Program helps them learn all that in a creative and fun way. When you are not used to observing nature, it takes some time. Yet, they did very well especially with the sketching and observing themselves. 
Youth such as these may not have as many opportunities to see something we are so used to seeing. Watching and teaching them to see nature as both frightening and fascinating brought them out of their shells. For teenagers to feel relaxed in unusual and uncomfortable settings made us feel as though we have made a difference
We have pictures of their experiences at Yellowstone Nature Connection, plus several videos. We also experienced a beautiful thank you from the students. This video will be in our Videos section of the website and on YouTube in the near future, please come back to check it out. 

Thank you for coming and enjoying the programs. To download the pictures, click on a picture and then right-click to download the picture. This album is from The Naturalist Program:

This album is from the Junior Smokejumper Program:


We loved having PHA come to Yellowstone Nature Connection for a fun residential camp. We hope to see them again next year!


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