Reading in Nature Getting Children Outside to Read

Reading to Children Outside

Reading to Children Outside

We all know that getting outside rejuvenates us, our minds, bodies, and spirits. We are more productive when the sun shines. Being outdoors using healthy living styles decrease children obesity. Studies constantly show these ideas and suggest we get outdoors more often.

There are other studies out there stating reading to children at earlier and earlier ages helps children become better readers. Reader comprehension increases when children are read to every day. When questions are asked of the children, their literacy, comprehension, and ability to expand the story increases their love of reading.

We at Yellowstone Nature Connection thought, what if we could combine these two ideas, of being outdoors and reading to children into a program called Reading in Nature? We received two grants, one for buying books and one for helping create a native plant garden, which will jumpstart the program this summer.

We will give books to families so that they can read to their children after the program. Each child will receive an activity sheet to color or try out for the following week. Every completed activity sheet gets a prize and parents can help their children.

The second grant will help us create a native plant / green space garden on the campus. Native plants are easier to grow and provide happiness, learning, and a place for birds, insects, and animals in a natural setting. As soon as we create the garden, we will read the books there.

Reading in Nature will start in June, giving us time to get the garden in place and buy the books. If you would like to volunteer to help create the garden or read to children, please send an email to or go to our website and fill out the volunteer form at

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