Frequently Asked Questions – Yellowstone Nature Connection

Here are the common questions asked regarding our organization and programs.

How old to participate in the junior smokejumper program? We accommodate children five and older. When the child is younger than five years old, we ask that there is another older person attending the program as well.

Our family will be on vacation together and we would all like to participate, and we have a two year old, can we still take the program? We encourage families to take the program together and parents can help the younger children.

What can we expect from our visit to the Yellowstone Nature Connection? You can expect an environment dedicated to connecting your family to the outdoors. We have the Smokejumper program for children, families, and schools that reconnect people to fire and nature. The Naturalist program involves learning about naturalists, tracks and scat, and looking for nature on the campus.

What time do the programs start? The Smokejumper programs begin at 10 am and 3 pm. The Naturalist program begins at 1 pm starting June 1st. Call or sign up via our form to reserve your spot.

What kind of clothes should we wear? Comfortable clothes appropriate for outdoor wear with closed toe shoes. Flip-flops and sandals are discouraged.

What are your hours of operation? We are open from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.

How long are the Smokejumper or Naturalist programs? The programs usually take about 1.5 hours depending on the class size.

Why are physical exercises included in the programs? Our intention is to give people an appreciation of the physical fitness required of wildland firefighters and naturalists and encourage people to continue their physical fitness after completing the program. We work around any physical challenges and ensure they have a positive nature experience.

Do we need to bring water with us to the program? We encourage you to have a personal water bottle with you.

When can we get the email with our pictures? We send an email usually in a day or two. If you have not received them after that time, we suggest first checking your spam folder, then giving us a call.

What can we expect after we leave Yellowstone Nature Connection? You will receive an initial email with the pictures taken during the programs. After that, we send out monthly e-newsletters to those interested in learning more ways to enjoy the outdoors with family members and friends.

Some of us thought about seeing other areas while the children are in the program. Can we drop the children off and go do something else? No. We encourage adults to share in learning process with the children. The programs encourage family participation.

Should we bring binoculars or other equipment to the programs?  Yes, if your eyesight is not as good, having binoculars will increase your nature viewing pleasure.

Do you have merchandise for sale? Yes, our store is where you can register for the programs, buy educational and nature-related merchandise, and become a member. We also have an online store coming this fall.

Our school is interested in bringing our classes to your program, how do we set this up? Please head over to the Teacher page for lesson planning, worksheets, field trip essentials, and registering.

What are some of the best ways to connect our family to nature while visiting West Yellowstone? Please call to register your group for a program at 406-646-7557.

What should we know and understand about wildfire dangers while visiting Yellowstone National Park? After going through our program, people understand wildfire much better. The park is very careful about keeping visitors safe and away from wildfire.

If you did not see a Frequently Asked Question above, please give us a call, send an email, or contact us through the form below.

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