Do You Remember Playing Outside as A Child?

Spring Time White Blossoms

Outdoors and Nature are Where to Be, Underneath the Flowering Tree.

Do you remember playing outside as a child? I do for sure. My favorite was playing hide and seek as we had a great backyard filled with trees and bushes. There were many places to hide. We also had a tree out front which we climbed. Nothing too high as it was a Magnolia Tree, with its curvy branches and low enough to the ground as not to be too scary. The flowers and petals were soft and slippery when wet.

n the summer we would go to the beach. I would spend literally hours riding the waves with my little surfboard. I got to know the waves, how often they would come, and that when speedboats passed, the waves were not as strong as the ocean waves. When the water was very clear, I could see the bottom and find shells, watch the small fish, and see the waves pushing the sand.

Back at our house in the backyard my parents had a gardening shed. My sister and I would find some good dirt, and some water, and make mud pies. We’d sprinkle flowers, grass and dried dirt to make the frosting. Thankfully we knew not to eat it, but the pies would dry out and look pretty good. I guess that is why we love chocolate so much!

As we head into the spring and summer season at Yellowstone Nature Connection, I often wonder about the children coming through our programs. Do they still play hide and seek, make mud pies or splash in the water?

Maybe this year we should ask them what they do when they are outside. I am sure we will find out soon enough. We open our doors for the Junior Smokejumper program at 10 am and 3pm Monday through Friday starting May 11th.

We have special rates for homeschoolers and schools, please drop us an email at

Our newest program, The Naturalist, will start on June 1st every day at 1 pm. Learn about naturalists and how to become one. A small hike and a nature journal is included with the program.


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