Planes: Fire & Rescue DVD

Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue DVD on Sale!

Planes: FirDIsney-PlanesFire&RescuEvente and Rescue is one of the best Smokejumper movies geared to children. We saw this movie twice – once at IMAX on the big screen and once in 3D at Bear’s Den Cinema during our Smokejumper event on August 16th.


Not only was the movie entertaining enough to see it twice, we plan on seeing the movie at least a few times more during the 2015 season.

How Interested would you be to see it again? Or see it for the first time in our theater?

By taking our Smokejumper program, you will have a better understanding of fire dynamics and propagation.  This will allow you to thoroughly enjoy the movie.

Smokejumpers go in when everyone else leaves.

Smokejumpers go in when everyone else leaves.

We loved the movie so much, we got our own copy!



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One comment on “Planes: Fire & Rescue DVD
  1. Laura Jevtich says:

    Ralph, I will have to get back to you on that, my Video Guru will know the answer.

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  1. Ralph Lamar says:

    Would the DVDs be sold in France?

    We were over in US this summer and saw the movie, but we were not sure if we can get it over here. Thanks!

  2. nabia says:

    Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

  3. jerry ganeds says:

    A wonderful write-up. Thanks!

    jerry ganeds

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