From Maryland to Missouri to Montana

From Maryland to Missouri

Families Come to West Yellowstone for Fun Programs!

A family visiting West Yellowstone came from Ranger Sasha’s hometown in Maryland and live right near where he grew up! Such a small world when you think about it…And the second family had a Junior Smokejumper who came to our program twice before…We think he might become a smokejumper when he grows up!

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The Clever Canadians Came to Yellowstone Nature Connection

Eh Canadians

How Families Use Educational Fun Programs

This family came all the way from Eastern Canada, traveling and touring many national parks on their way to Yellowstone. They found us from the West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce website, and wanted to check out our program. They also had been seeing evidence of fires along their route, which made learning about fires even more interesting.

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Solar Festival at Yellowstone Nature Connection

Solar Festival

The Great American Solar Eclipse is coming to West Yellowstone!

Yellowstone Nature Connection promotes science and fun in one very special event, a solar eclipse on our campus! While we are not in the path of totality, we are pretty close, at 98.7%! So why not come out and celebrate Earth’s favorite star, our Sun.

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The Stormy Day Your Kids Rocked the Program

Stormy Day Smokejumper

The Clouds Are Coming and The Junior Smokejumpers Are Jumping!

Yellowstone Nature Connection maximizes getting kids to move. We sometimes even have nature on our side. This Stormy summer day could not stop these kids and family from having fun and learning something new.

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What To Do With Your Family in West Yellowstone

Finches and Woods Come to YNC

What To Do With Your Family

Yellowstone Nature Connection enjoys unlocking family adventures! We created a fabulous program and these families reserved months in advance. They came together for a family reunion, with cousins learning and playing together.

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