Why Family Interactions Make Sense

Families from AZ, CA, & FL

Different Families Come Together

Yellowstone Nature Connection enjoys having its members come to West Yellowstone. As members, they can volunteer and stay in our Ranger house. This week our members volunteered at a program, and one of them was a former smokejumper! He told about the gear and was our jump master for the program.

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Which Super Group of Girl Scouts?

Logan UT Girl Scouts

Logan, Utah’s Girl Scouts from Ages 6-18

Visiting from Utah (we think to escape the heat…Little did they know it was warm up here too) came a super group of Girl Scouts. They ranged in age from six to 18! It was a very hot day, the hottest we have had in a long time here at West Yellowstone, yet everyone enjoyed the program. We even got a couple of the adults to do some pull-ups!

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How to Create the Perfect Family Vacation

Minnesota Family Visit

Add Kids and Grandparents!

Three generations of family came to visit from Minnesota. They are used to the cold but this week it was very warm. Hence the shorts and short sleeves. Now imagine you are fighting a fire in temperatures that were as warm as that day? And you cannot wear shorts!

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Volunteers and Valley Californians

California & Washington Families

Volunteers and Valley Californians

During the week of July 1st, we had a volunteering family come to Yellowstone Nature Connection. Anyone 10 years of age and older can volunteer with their parents and/or grandparents. Our Historic Ranger House has five bedrooms and three bathrooms with a kitchen and living area that is there for our volunteers. The young kids 9 and under just get to have fun and take our programs. They give us two hours of work a day per person, they get to stay for free.

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How To Rock an Epic Trip From New Jersey

New Jersey Family Visits

How To Rock an Epic Trip From New Jersey

The best way to rock an epic trip from New Jersey is to have your parents show you how great it is in Montana. This starts with fresh air and majestic mountains. There might be a hike through a forest or fishing in a river or lake. The best part of it all is coming into the Town of West Yellowstone and engage in The Junior Smokejumper ProgramĀ® at Yellowstone Nature Connection.

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