Belgrade Schools Back for Four Days!

Field Trip Week From Belgrade to Yellowstone Nature Connection!

We were so excited to see Belgrade School back for a second season with their 5th Graders. The entire fifth grade class came to West Yellowstone over four days. They were able to see bears and wolves at Grizzly Discovery Center and learn about Smokejumpers and Fire Ecology on our campus. They came for The Junior Smokejumper Program and left with a deeper understanding of the ecosystem within the park.

We want to thank the teachers and chaperones for coming to our campus for their last week of school. We took over 500+ pictures of the kids enjoying our program and we are sure they have some great ones as well. We will be putting a few videos up on YouTube (once we create them, hahaha) especially the kids saying The Smokejumper Pledge. For now, we have pictures of the classroom and especially of the loft.

We are setting this picture page up a little differently as we had so many great pictures to share.  To download the pictures, click on a picture and then right-click to download the picture to your device.

These pictures are from June 5th through June 8th. For each day there were two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Then everyone was together for the Parachute Loft, jumping out of the plane, Junior Smokejumper Quiz and Pledge.

The First Album is the fire experiments in our indoor/outdoor classroom:


The second album is the outdoor / indoor fire ecology and Olivia and Oscar mannequins showcasing the clothes and tools:

And finally, being outside, under a parachute loft or jumping out of a mock plane, coming together to take a quiz or posing for pictures, these kids had a fabulous time!

We loved having Belgrade Schools come to Yellowstone Nature Connection for four days fun field trip.

We had tons of fun with them and we hope to see them again next year! Please check back in about a week or so, we should have the videos available by then. Thank you!


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