Appleseed Expeditions Comes to YNC!

Appleseed Expeditions Visits Yellowstone Nature Connection!

The Appleseed Expeditions had visited the park but wanted to make one last stop before heading to Gardiner, MT. They decided to stop and take the Junior Smokejumper Program at Yellowstone Nature Connection. Ten adults and four children visited, and learned about smokejumpers, fire, fire ecology, clothing and tools of a smokejumper, and did a parachute loft. Plus one of the children actually put on a jumper suit and jumped out of our mock plane.

We hope to see Appleseed Expeditions back for more programs, including The Naturalist Program. However, for a cool day that was fun, The Junior Smokejumper Program is hard to beat!  Here are the pictures of the group:

Thank you for coming and enjoying the program. To download the pictures, click on a picture and then right-click to download the picture.


We loved having Appleseed Expeditions come to Yellowstone Nature Connection for an educational tour of the area. We especially enjoyed talking about fires to this group, as they had just experienced fires in their state parks in Florida. This kind of information, even if Smokejumpers do not go to Florida, is still relevant for anyone who lives, works, or plays in or near forests. Understanding that a buffer zone around your home is important especially to those that get lightning storms no matter where you live.

Thanks again for coming and we hope to see more of Appleseed Expeditions!

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