Amazing Spaces For Reading

Where To Read?

Find some grass and a tree and read, read, read.

Find some grass and a tree and read, read, read.

From pillow forts to treehouses to huge teddy bear chairs, special reading spaces for children have major appeal. A dedicated reading “nook” makes book time even more magical.

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How cool is this? With a place for a lamp and books below!

Want to encourage your child to look at books for pleasure? You don’t need to spend a cent to create an amazing reading space. Here are the key elements you need:

Quiet — The reading nook should be located in a relatively quiet part of the house, such as your child’s bedroom.  

Simple — Keep the space simple, without a lot of visual distractions or toys. Allow books to be the main focus! Reduce distractions further by partially enclosing the space with fabric or a bookshelf.

Soft — Make sure there is a rug and pillows or a soft chair to encourage extended perusing sessions.

Well-lighted — Natural light, a lamp or even a sparkly string of lights will ensure that your child can see without straining.

Organized — Keep books in or near the nook on shelves or in bins. Retain interest by periodically rotating the selection of books in the reading space! 

See these tips in action! Get inspired with spaces of all sizes and looks on our Pinterest “Book Nooks” board linked below.

Also, don’t miss our “From the Treasure Chest” section at the end of this email where we’ve got more inspiration to help you create an amazing space to read for your child. 


Stefanie Paige Grossman, M.S.Ed Early Childhood Education / Infant & Parent Development Expert 

Global Program Director, Barefoot Books

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