4 Tips for Terrific Summer Family Camping Trip

Four Tips For a Terrific Summer Family Camping Trip

Ruby's Sleepover A Barefoot Book

Chasing the scary things away!

Barefoot Books has done it again, with a great post about camping and a book to help those children who are a little afraid of the night. We will be reading Ruby’s Sleepover in August to children. If you are not available to hear the reading, you can pick up your copy from this blog post here, or give us a call at 406-646-7557 to buy a copy over the phone.

Summer is almost gone, and that means it’s time to experience the great outdoors! Some of us like having a rugged adventure out in the wilderness, while others prefer enjoying nature a bit closer to home. In our book Ruby’s Sleepover, Ruby and her friend Mai spend an imaginative night under canvas, where they use a variety of magical objects to keep themselves safe from the dangers of the night.

However, you don’t need a bag of magical tools to give your child a wonderful outdoor camping experience. Here are a few tips from a seasoned Barefoot camper:

  1. Make sure adult supervision is close at hand. This might ordinarily go without saying, but some brave young campers might insist on going it alone (or only with a friend or sibling). However, being outdoors can sometimes feel scary after dark — especially for first-timers. A quick check from a parent before lights out can do wonders to soothe the nerves of young campers.
  2. Be prepared. It’s not just the Boy Scout’s motto; it’s a great way to ensure your outing is as enjoyable and “authentic” as possible. Make sure to bring any food, clothing, or equipment you might need for the night. Running back and forth to the house ruins the illusion of a wilderness trek, and it might also make the comfort of indoors suddenly seem more appealing than an adventure outside.
  3. Ditch the technology. Cell phones, TV and video games are a seemingly indispensable part of many children’s everyday lives. Camping is the best time to show that they are not. Left to their own devices, your children will happily swap stories instead, or use the new space as an exciting book nook to read stories on their own.
  4. Play some before-dark games to help pacify nerves and up anticipation! Engaging in a few different activities before the sun sets is a great way to help your child get acclimated to the area where they’ll be sleeping. The sense of familiarity will keep monsters at bay!

Still have a nervous camper on your hands?

Book about Sleeping outside

Camping outside can be both scary and fun the first time.

Check out our book Ruby’s Sleepover to help calm nighttime fears and get your child excited to camp!

Ruby’s Sleepover is a fantastical and adventurous tale featuring the brave Ruby and her good friend Mai, as they traverse the dark beyond of the backyard. Armed with flashlights and a bag of magical items, they subdue giants, scare off pirates and trick dragons. 

Bursting with colorful imagery, Ruby’s Sleepover is the perfect read for teaching children to face their fears using their imagination. A great way to inspire your child to spend time with friends, get outdoors and use their creativity to play and learn!

Ages 3 to 7 years. $7.99

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