Yellowstone Nature Connection (YNC) (formerly the National Smokejumpers Center) is a nonprofit who works in partnership with the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management in a space located next to Yellowstone National Park, across the parking lot from the West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center/Chamber of Commerce, on Yellowstone Avenue, and with four historic buildings on an acre of land.


A set of pine cones develop in the spring.

We have lodgepole trees on the property, with bluebirds and ground squirrels; wildflowers growing in hidden spots where the insects and butterflies roam and sparrows dive bomb to catch them.

Occasionally we see bats going after the moths and we find scat (poop!) and tracks of animals from the forest nearby. We see the moon rising up over the forest and hear the sounds of the night with the hoots of the owl.

Nature and history combine in a one-acre town spot. Who knows what you might discover next?

We Are Filling Up Our September Schedule for School Groups!

To sign your school group for programs, please:

  • email Education @ YellowstoneNatureConnection.org (take out the spaces)
  • Text to Laura (703) 505-0853
  • Call (406) 646-7557 Monday through Friday
  • or fill out the form on Education page and mail or email it back to us.   

We focus on fire ecology because the 1988 Fires had a profound impact on the Greater Yellowstone Area. These fires lead us to understanding its role in the ecosystem and how we can live in harmony with the land.

Video of Yellowstone Nature Connection and what we do at the Smokejumper program:

Paid Programs:

Starting May 2th: Smokejumper Program at 10 am and 3 pm

Starting June 1st: Naturalist Program at 1 pm (earlier for school groups)

READING in Nature: Thursdays at 4:00 pm

Occasionally we have evening programs during Full Moon or New Moons.

For Teachers: Please sign up on the Education tab for your class to come to Yellowstone Nature Connection:

Hours & Info

(406) 646-7557
Open Monday through Friday
9 am to 5 pm
Call for Special Events
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